Customised Digital Art – Just for You!


In late 1995 I had a Tarot reading where the lady predicted I’d do a short painting workshop and then start drawing images for people. At the time I thought she was barking mad and I’d done my dough because I was utterly hopeless at art. But shortly afterwards, in February 1996, I attended a 2-day mandala workshop and  I was off and running art-wise: I found that my forte in art is symbols. I started off with mandalas for friends and then for personal orders. Then I started creating what I called “SoulSong” art which portrayed the colours and shapes I see around people. And now I’ve returned to creating symbols for people through digital art.

I am therefore now offering customised digital art for individuals.  You can order and pay on PayPal and all I’ll need you to do is send me a photo so I can tune into you and create your own piece of digital art.  The cost is  US$25 and, when it’s completed, I’ll e-mail you the image.  You can then print it out, or get it printed onto canvas or as a poster via one of the many websites offering this sort of service. Please remember that I live in North Cyprus so there are time zones to take into account when waiting for me to get back to you. If you decide to buy digital art for yourself, please send me a photo of yourself at:



If you’d like it framed in plain beige board with protective envelope and posted, it will be an extra US $20. Please note too postage from Turkey takes two weeks and getting the print framed takes another week as I can only catch up with the framer at the local market. The button below is for the $45 option.


My various art progressions:

Dream of Olwen
Dream of Olwen – Digital Art
Crystal Butterfly
Crystal Butterfly – Mandala Art


Soul Transformation
Soul Transformation – SoulSong Art

12 thoughts on “Customised Digital Art – Just for You!

    1. Hi, Carol – I’m catching up with past posts now I’m gradually feeling better. Thank you for the award, I get a little shiver of excitement when I’m graced with an award. Hope you’ve had a great time in LA.


      1. Hi Mo, I got a bit behind myself and just scrolled back through your posts to see where you’d been. I hope you’re well on the mend now. Welcome back to the land of blogging. 🙂


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