Hope – for a Brave New World

I created this image with an orange canvas on PicMonkey,  then switched to BeFunky to add in some of their lovely gizmo images. And finally I returned to PicMonkey to overlay an image of a photo I took of rather delicate geranium flowers. Now why I’ve called it: Hope for a Brave New World I have no idea. But I’m sure there are many of us out there in the great big world who envisage a world brave enough to eschew violence and embrace peace and love. So here’s to the vision of a world where the earth is respected and people are treated with respect, compassion and love.

Hope: For a Brave New World
Hope: For a Brave New World

8 thoughts on “Hope – for a Brave New World

  1. I love those colors Mo. At first glance I was thinking “sweet violets” before I recognized the difference. My yard in the country was always covered in violets every spring. I miss them.


    1. Good memories, eh? The geranium flower is really lovely, sort of ragged and quite unlike other geranium blossoms. And yes, I love violets too but since I emigrated to Australia, I’ve lived in climates which are too hot for them to tolerate.


  2. OMGOSH! This is outright gorgeous and gives me such a feeling of LIGHTNESS and JOY. May you be Blessed for what you are doing, and I pray your Light is seen in this world! With Love, Amy


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