Dream of Olwen

I have no idea why this piece of digital art reminded me of “Dream of Olwen” but there you go, the mysteries and vagaries of the Universe. “Dream of Olwen” was the theme music of a 1947 film called “While I Live” about a young composer who tragically falls to her death leaving her composition unfinished. It involves themes of regret, obsession and reincarnation.  Although the movie had the title “While I Live”, the musical theme that ran through it became so popular that it became known as “Dream of Olwen” rather than its original title.

I used to love the theme music as a kid and somehow this piece of digital art brought it back to me. For me it has a mystical effect, bringing to the edge of my consciousness hidden memories. “Dream of Olwen” is a piece of deeply personal art for and I have no idea why! When I look at the artwork and think of the music, I get emotional, get goose pimples and butterflies in my stomach. Interesting stuff!

I have included below the theme music, hope you enjoy it. There were various versions but I liked this one by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra because of the artwork used to illustrate the music..

Dream of Olwen
Dream of Olwen


7 thoughts on “Dream of Olwen

  1. Both are lovely! Your work is soft and musical so maybe that is what brought the music up? Just guessing but I can see a connection to this piece and the music. Maybe its my imagination?? 🙂


    1. I honestly don’t know what’s going on with this piece of art, Mary. It still gives me weird feelings inside and I’ve printed it off for my own wall. One of life’s mysterious, I guess!


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