Portal to the Song of the Stars

I never quite know where I’m headed when I start creating digital art, I just go with the flow. So today I created a pale violet canvas in PicMonkey then superimposed the “clouds” gizmo, also on PicMonkey.  I then added in a photo of a gazania which I photographed at the Gardens of Babel I visited this week and voila! I could see the heart of the flower as a portal which allowed us to hear the song of the stars

I’ve had this idea in mind for years, ever since I read a poem about the mystic Laurens van der Post staying in the desert with Kalahari bush men. They were sitting around the campfire one evening and one of their number asked van der Post if he could hear the stars. They were astounded when he said no. So they took him further into the darkness and asked the same question. When he still said no, they looked at him with pity. I remember when we lived in Woodenbong, in northern New South Wales, we were on the rim of the caldera of an ancient volcano, in a small village and at night there was no light pollution. You could go out into utter stillness, look up and see a sky lit up by stars and galaxies, a truly awesome sight which city-dwellers miss out on.

I guess we are so acclimatised to the sound of “civilisation” that we have lost access to our highly intuitive senses. Perhaps this piece of digital art can remind us of stopping, listening and tuning into the galactic forces which permeate our star beings.

Portal to the Song of the Stars
Portal to the Song of the Stars

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