Beeeee Inspired!

Believe it or not, I started off with a deep blue canvas for this one, created it on PicMonkey. Then I added some pretty layers of cloud and light sprinkles and admired how spiritual it all looked. But THEN I added a photo of a dahlia with a bee in the centre, a bee quite oblivious to the humans peering down at him or her and going all googly eyed at a bee collecting pollen (hey, it’s good to SEE a bee when so many around the world are dying off!). And this is the result, quite different to the soft, sweet canvas I’d created until the bee on the flower turned up and changed everything!

Bizzzy Beee
Beeee Inspired!

10 thoughts on “Beeeee Inspired!

  1. I love it! How many people can capture a bee in a photo?
    I have created an Angel Award for all of the angels in my life, and you, my dear Mo, are one of them. So please stop by my blog and pick one up. It’s at the bottom of the post, Awards Day. No big acceptance thing, no long blog of acceptance to fill out. Just something I want to give my angels, because we need more of them in the world.


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