Compassion of the Soul

I started working with a black canvas on PIcMonkey yesterday, just to see what I could create with black.  Had some fun fiddling with the gizmos, then added a photo I worked on in Photoshop of a firework exploding in one of the Merit Hotel’s fireworks displays last year.  Today we visited the Gardens of Babel, in Bahceli, here in North Cyprus.  It’s a magical place and I had the feeling I’d find a photo here to complete the digital art piece I was working on. Sure as eggs, I took a close-up of a water lily and here’s the result.  I called it: Compassion of the Soul because of the gold light at the centre of the water lily for wisdom and love, and the white representing the power of divinity. The colours behind are strong because when we exercise compassion, we are truly powerful for we have broken free of the bonds of selfishness and have opened our hearts to others.

Compassion of the Soul
Compassion of the Soul

12 thoughts on “Compassion of the Soul

  1. Wow!! This one is so beautiful, Mo.I love the layers! Did you take the photo of the lotus???
    I have been receiving lots of images of lotuses while meditating, and have recently been obsessed with drawing lotus mandalas! Love to see all your colorful work 🙂


  2. Mo, that is so beautiful. I love the light coming from the heart of the water lily. You have such talent my girl. I keep saving your images to use as screen savers on my computer. And there’s no way I’ll change my gravatar back to the angel image I used before. Thanks so much for bringing so much light and joy to my world.


    1. Glad you like it. I understand the saying is: “As sure as eggs is eggs” and it comes from “To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. It’s funny how you use idiom without thinking about it. In the UK I used the phrase “He was done like a dinner”, which is Australian, and I got a puzzled look from British person.


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