Rose Radiance

I keep returning to roses in my digital art, not sure why, except that roses are such beauitful flowers and are universally loved around the world. We have in our garden a rose bush called the Apothecary’s Rose, an ancient rose from this region, which has a huge, unusual centre and I love it, it’s dark red.  Further down our apartment block, one of our neighbour’s gardens has a pink rose bush and a red rose bush, whose flowers I have also photographed. And beside our communal swimming pool is a lovely yellow rose, I took loads of photos of this as it blossomed day by day. I can also get hold of essential rose oil at a very reasonable price here because Turkey produces so much rose oil and interestingly, while I couldn’t tolerate rose oil in Australia, here in North Cyprus I can’t get enough of it.  Definitely Aphrodite’s Isle of Love!

So here’s another piece of digital art, featuring a rose, to remind us of the radiance of love, how it fills our hearts and lights our lives. Consider this also an early offering for Mother’s Day.

Rose Radiance
Rose Radiance

6 thoughts on “Rose Radiance

  1. So beautiful. I have so many photos of roses that grow around my place and in so many colors and variations. Love them all, and wish I still had a sense of smell, but have to depend on memories there.


    1. My Apothecary’s Rose has no scent but the scented variety is used to produce rose otto essential oil. I love roses because they remind me of my grandfather (on my father’s side) who was a brilliant gardener. I stayed with my grandparents when I was a kid and I always have memories of sniffing all the lovely scents on the different varieties of roses he grew.


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