Art Prints Available Soon!


I have finally got myself organised to print off individual art pieces at a very reasonable price.

They will either be available on glossy paper, posted as is. Or they’ll be available with a plain beige, board frame which is light and ideal for posting.

At present, prints on their own will be available at between US$7-50 to US$20, depending on size.

I’m still pricing the frames and I’ll be able to give prices next week.

The idea is that you’ll be able to nominate which painting you want printed or framed, I’ll get it organised and then posted off to you.


I am also going to organise for those interested to order bespoke art from me, individual art created just for you, which I’ll either be able to send as an attachment or get printed and/or framed as above. In that case I’m settling on a price between US$20-US$30.

I’ll confirm prices early next week plus get PayPal buttons organised so watch this space!

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