Bits and Pieces


This post is full of bits and pieces so here goes.


Firstly here’s a photo of a snail creeper blossom, which I used in yesterday’s “Leprechaun Hijinks”. It’s the only one that managed to poke its head up in our garden in New South Wales while the one we had in Fremantle, Western Australia, grew quite well for a while then virtually dropped dead overnight on us!snail-creeper1 It’s a beautiful flower but sadly it belongs to the class of flowers which do not prosper in our care – the Blue Moon rose was one and petunias are real no-no’s for us.


A friend asked me recently for a link to the art I used to create before I had some health challenges and found conventional art too much of a challenge for me.

So I have added two more pages relating to my earlier art before I started on the digital art which currently inspires me: Mandala Art, General Art and Vision Boards. In 1996 I went to a mandala workshop where I first discovered I had creative art abilities. When I broke my leg and ankle in July 1996 I spent six weeks playing with mandalas and developing my skills.  I went on to create and sell bespoke mandalas but eventually decided I was on a bit of a treadmill and packed it in.

I then started creating “soul symbol” art, which involved the patterns I see around people. Then I started creating more general art until, when I returned to Australia in 2004 after two years in the UK, I started working more with symbolic art and items from nature, such as leaves, branches, stones, etc. And, of course, the gorgeous glitter also entered my life!

In Victoria and on the mid-north coast of New South Wales I enjoyed creating Vision boards for myself, they travelled to North Cyprus with us and now adorn the walls of my study.

Digital art is my passion now as it releases the images I have in my head into a form I was never able to achieve with conventional art. It is also less challenging for me health-wise, it’s also far less expensive than conventional art now that I’ve invested in Photoshop (which I bought years ago) and Corel (which I bought recently).


Oooh, I love getting awards, it’s like getting early birthday and Christmas presents. So I’m delighted to say that I’ve been awarded by kyangel17 a number of awards which I think is terrific:  They are as per the images but I have yet to sort out the details of who to nominate and info about myself.  I keep to six nominations when I do get awards so that I can cope with the work involved, decided to be creative about that in order to stay on top of the whole process, as I find bureaucratic stuff rather hard to handle and get bogged down quite easily. You can see the images on the side bar – “3 images” and “4 images”.


Finally, but by no means least, I’ll wind up with two photos I took today of the paddock next to our apartment.  We used to have lattice work along the outer wall, but moved it to around my study wall so it’s cooler in summer. No I look across from our front patio with a clear view of nature in the wild, nothing trimmed, landscaped, manicured or otherwise tamed in this vista. It  is lovely looking out at it this time of the year when everything is greened up after (rather pathetically low) winter rainfall and spring flowers are out.  The yellow, flowery bushes you can see are wild fennel flowers. As you can see from the clear blue, sunny sky,  Spring has finally arrived in North Cyprus – it’s 22C today and set for sunny days and 22C until the end of the week. We have just done our first bit of sunbaking.  Yeay!

Paddock beside our apartment
Paddock beside our apartment
Paddock beside our apartment
Paddock beside our apartment

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