Come to the Edge, Jump…..Fly

Ah well, today’s digital art started out as something completely different and along the way it morphed into a demonstration of what you can do with the gizmos on BeFunky and PicMnokey. In so doing, I well and truly wandered along the road less travelled!

I started out with a canvas I created yesterday to which I’d added an overlay of geranium flowers. When I looked at it today I decided it was really unclear so went back to the base canvas. I was playing with a feature on BeFunky where you can add “Featured Textures” and also “Light Trails” and when I tried an image under the tab: “Blend Modes”, I came up with a completely different image which I really, really liked.

So I decided to use this image as an illustration of the different designs you can create without even adding your own photograph. I also decided to call it: “Come to the Edge, Jump …. Fly@ from the poem by Guillaume Apollinaire:

  Come to the edge” he said.

  They said, “We are afraid.”

“Come to the edge,” he said.

They came

He pushed them…..and they flew.”

Galactic Winds
Come to the Edge, Jump…….Fly!

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