Spring Flowers in North Cyprus

Something different today: a collage of flowers from our garden.  Although it’s a bit nippy by Cyprus standards, flowers are blooming nicely and my husband’s been busy in our garden, it’s looking really colourful now. Our only problem is that all the garden beds have to be fenced off to stop our four young dogs eating the plants. Somehow they managed to get under the netting today to dig two big holes so the two that committed this heinous crime are now in disgrace. Although they don’t seem to realise it – they still look remarkably cheerful and are wagging their tails mightily!

Spring Flowers in North Cyprus
Spring Flowers in North Cyprus

18 thoughts on “Spring Flowers in North Cyprus

  1. I am so jealous!! We are another month or two off from spring flowers. Thank you for sharing this bit of sunshine today.
    I can see the faces of those 2 miscreants! Not a bit of guilty conscious in either, I’m guessing and when turned out again would do it all over without a moment’s hesitation.


    1. Well, actually, Mary, while Bryan was filling in the first hole, they were busy digging the second one! I heard the roar of outrage in my study and the two dogs, Molly and Zoe, came running into my room looking very cheerful and pleased with themselves!


  2. Wow!! Your flowers are fabulous! ♥ Spring is definitely in the air! 🙂 I did have a chuckle about your pups eating your plants though – I have a cat that’s the same, she’s obsessed with eating my herbs, and my chilli plants too! Hehe! xx


  3. Hi! Coincidentally, today is Plant a Flower Day! I wrote about my favorite ‘flower’ picture book, Miss Rumphius, on my blog this morning. I’m sure you would love this story. It’s based on the real life of Alice Rumphius, the Lupine Lady of Maine.


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