Daisy Chain

I created a totally black canvas on PicMonkey, added layers of water effects, then switched to BeFunky to work on different effects, and finally switched back to PicMonkey to add a texture of a photo I took of white Veldt Daisies growing in our garden. I’ve actually organised my photos into a folder specifically for flowers, so I tried out a few flowers as a texture, but the white daisies looked by far the best.  Of course, these daisies are much bigger than the ones I used to play with as a kid in the UK and make daisy chains, but the name came to mind as soon as the final image was complete.

Daisy Chain
Daisy Chain

8 thoughts on “Daisy Chain

  1. Thank you so much for this. Also, I have nominated you for a bundle of seven awards — and you were on the list before I requested this, but have no idea how to send them to you, so if you can check out my blog and download the awards and the rules for accepting them? I used to know how to do these things, but have lost a few brain cells since then. And I love this one also.


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