Looking for a UFO landing spot

I created this image from a pale violet canvas in PicMonkey, then superimposed a photo I’d taken of grass in front of trees. Over that I superimposed another photo I took a while back of a firework exploding which I’d worked on in Photoshop. Then I fiddled with the gizmos on PicMonkey and BeFunky for this final image. I have no particular final plan in mind when I start creating art, but looking at the rather other wordly feel of the final image reminded me of a UFO casting its light at dusk trying to find a suitable place for a landing spot. Just my imagination, you understand!

Looking for a UFO landing spot
Looking for a UFO landing spot

5 thoughts on “Looking for a UFO landing spot

  1. Absolutely beautiful. If a UFO would leave something like this behind I would happily provide them with a landing spot, and even let them take my ex back with them to experiment on, LOL. Just leave me these beautiful colors to feast my eyes on every day.


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