First you get a little, then you get a lottle!

A couple of days ago I decided to cheer up the corkboards on which I pin my jewellery – necklaces, pendants and earrings – so got my long-suffering husband to dig through the art supplies he patiently packed away for me a few weeks ago and find my box of glitter and stick-on shapes. I had a great time sticking on butterflies, hearts and stars (second childhood, anyone???) but then made the mistake of wandering into my study and seeing ….more plain walls!  So off I went with the butterflies and stars and dolphins and hearts and had a grand time sticking and decorating. My husband walked in, blinked and muttered: “Thank god I don’t live in here” and wandered out looking somewhat discombobulated (he’s into model railways, we live to differ!). Here are the results, plus you get to look at close-ups of my crystal collection, built up since 1996 – although a lot of have been passed on to new owners and some more have entered the ranks of my collection..

Jewellery board
And here’s the jewellery board which started it all off!

Crystal collection - general Crystal collection - personal

Crystals - closeup13 Crystals - close-up14

Crystals - close-up 2 Crystals - close-up1 Crystals - close-up3 Crystals - close-up4 Crystals - close-up5 Crystals - close-up6 Crystals - close-up7 Crystals - close-up8 Crystals - close-up9 Crystals - close-up10 Crystals - close-up11 Crystals - close-up12 Crystals - close-up15

7 thoughts on “First you get a little, then you get a lottle!

  1. Wow!! Gorgeous!! 😀 I’m so jealous!! Such a beautiful crystal collection, and what a fab way to display your jewellery!! ♥♥


  2. So awesome. And I thought I had a lot of jewelry. Especially since I don’t wear it any more. It’s just that I’ve given so much of it away, I only kept the ones I really liked too much to get rid of. Still have a lot of butterflies, so I may have to get a corkboard to display them. I love my butterflies.


  3. I like the butterflies, Mo. Isn’t it wonderful when you find something simple that makes you smile.
    I’m a person who really needs *color*… The other day, with yet another snowfall, I craved yellow. It’s such a happy color. I went to my new “toy” (Pinterest) and searched for yellow. The more yellow I saw, the better I felt. Suddenly I had an entire board called “Mad about Saffron.” If only I could take it to meetings at work, where I really need to smile! 🙂


  4. Thanks for all your comments. I used to get all my necklaces muddled up and it took ages to unravel, which is why I resorted to the cork board, much simpler. And yes, butterflies are lovely, my workroom looks far cheerier when you walk in.


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