The Light of Hope

I thought I’d do something a bit different today and show you what you can do with BeFunky and PicMonkey.  When I downloaded my last batch of photos I found I’d accidentally taken an odd shot of something, I have no idea what, but it gave me an idea of working from a lightly patterned canvas. Then I worked on the colours in PicMonkey to create a coloured, patterned canvas, and finally worked with the gizmos of both programmes to create the final image: The Light of Hope.  I used this title because it reminds me of how we can get into depression or black spaces and suddenly something shines a light on the darkness for us, and shows us that life can indeed improve as the light at the end of the tunnel draws us out of the depths.

I will be creating a course in how to use these programmes and basically I’ll have to go back to square one as, after I posted my original video, PicMonkey kindly changed the format of its website!

Odd photograph
Odd photograph
Draft canvas
Draft canvas
The Light of Hope
The Light of Hope

2 thoughts on “The Light of Hope

    1. It’s why I started working with digital art, kyangel17, I found it far less stressful with the stresses of fibromyalgia, cheaper too since I’m now forking out for canvas and paint, and very flexible. My husband is deeply grateful as I no longer sprinkle glitter around our apartment!


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