I created this piece of digital art by playing with PicMonkey and BeFunky, just fiddling with the gizmos both these sites offer to see what would turn up.  I finally ended up with this image which is lovely and bright, which is why I’ve called it Optimism.  It’s dedicated to all my blogging friends who’ve suffered through a long, wet, cold, snowy winter to light your lives until spring finally turns up in your neck of the woods!


20 thoughts on “Optimism

  1. Thanks, I needed that! Those warm colors are an electric blanket for the eyeballs. I have daffodil buds, but no flowers yet. I’ll post some photos when I have blooms and, if you like any of them, let me know and I’ll send you some hi-rez copies to mess with!


    1. Thanks, Ann, I thought the bright yellow might cheer up people in colder climates. And yes, I’d love to see some photos of daffs, I love using flowers in my artwork, got loads of rose photos lined up to work with and daffs would be great as you can’t get them here in North Cyprus.


    1. Hi, Amanda, good to see you pop up again and happy to light your winter. It’s been mild here in North Cyprus but even I’m glad to see sunshine and see the temps going up in to the low ’20s.


    1. I really sympathise re the cold weather – we keep watching the US weather on BBC World News and goggling that the snow, sleet and rain seem to be going on for ever. Hope springs turns up on your doorstep soon!


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