This is a lighter version of my previous post “The Depths of the Heart”.  It reminds me of how we feel when we’re exuberant, excited and full of energy.


10 thoughts on “Exuberance

  1. To be very honest, I created this to cheer myself up. I’ve got a case of the fibromyalgia glums today which I know will clear up at some stage, but today I feel I’ve been plodding through mud.


      1. No problems, Chrissie, the only good thing about the fibro glums is that you know they’ll pass in time and one day you’ll wake up and wonder why you felt so gloomy the day before!


  2. Love this. Green is my favorite color, especially today with everything covered with ice and all my joints screaming in pain. It helps me just looking at it also, so thank you so much. Spring will arrive in it’s time, and during the heat of summer when my MS is acting up I’ll long for a day of this ice.


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