Cat & Rainbow

A friend suggested I create a photo of our oldest cat, Jezebel, with the double rainbow I photographed last week.  I thought it was a great idea, so here it is: Jezebel & Rainbow. I think it might also be a tribute to Jezebel who came close recently to whizzing through her nine lives in one fell swoop: she got locked in our neighbour’s upstairs, empty apartment by accident for 4.5 days. The owner only comes twice a year for a holiday and when his agent checked the apartment out to make sure everything was okay, Jez followed him in and got locked in.  Luckily the guy who does the communal garden saw her sitting on the fridge looking out and one phone call alert to the agent led to Jezebel’s release. She must have been able to drink the water in the toilet bowl but by golly, did she make inroads into the food once she was back in the world again!

Jezebel & Rainbow
Jezebel & Rainbow

5 thoughts on “Cat & Rainbow

  1. Yes, we have lost one cat, just disappeared one day and we were really worried about Jezebel, such a relief to find her okay after so long. And she’s staying much closer to home now, as well as being a whole lot friendlier than before.


  2. A beautiful photo, and a beautiful cat. I once had a white cat with one green eye and one blue eye. The kids named him Thumper, because when he ran thru the house it sounded like he was thumping his feet to clean them on the rug.


    1. It sounds as if you may have had a Van cat – they are from the area of the Van lake in Turkey and are famous for having the different coloured eyes you have described. My cat has green eyes but I rather think she has some Van in her. They love water, by the way.


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