Love in the Sky

I’m a bit tired today, had a rather sleepless night due to this wretched sciatic pain, so I decided to stick with something simple.  Last week I took a photo of a brilliant rainbow over Alsancak and was delighted when I downloaded the photo to find I’d managed to pick up a double rainbow, hadn’t seen it when I took the photo.

So here’s the double rainbow and super-imposed over it and slightly faded is a photo I took of the pink rose my husband brought home for me last week, it was huge and pretty well full-blown but I got a photo of the sun shining through the open petals.Rainbow Love


6 thoughts on “Love in the Sky

  1. I love the simplicity. The promise of love is so evident here, especially with the double rainbow. The rainbows are one of those serendipitous photos that just bring pure joy! Hope you’ll be feeling better soon!


  2. Beautiful picture. I love rainbows, and to actually capture a double rainbow is wonderful. I’ve seen some, but never had a camera handy when I saw them. Feel better.


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