Ratty the Water Vole’s View of the World (Wind in the Willows)

I created the background image on this canvas a while back but wasn’t inspired to finish it. Then I returned to it yesterday,added in a layer of Mimosa leaves I’d photographed against the sky,  fiddled with the colours a bit and added in the bubbles. And an image of Ratty, from the Wind in the … More Ratty the Water Vole’s View of the World (Wind in the Willows)

Spirit Soaring

I created this with a blank canvas and a photo I took of a pansy with a centre which looks like an eagle in flight. An eagle aloft not only gives you perspective, it  shows how strong you are when you following your own songlines home to your soul. When your heart sings, when you … More Spirit Soaring


I started off with a pale pink canvas in PicMonkey, switched to Pixlr where I deepened the colour and added some effects, then switched back to PicMonkey and added a layer of bougainvillea flowers, followed by a layer of a white hibiscus.  I kept it simple as I don’t think anything else was needed (for … More Peace

Bright Blessings

I created another blank canvas this morning with a pale violet colour, then browsed the photos I’ve taken of flowers. I never know what I’m going to settle on, just follow my intuition. So today my attention was taken by a wild flower that my husband found growing near the apartment we stayed in when … More Bright Blessings


I decided to do something different today – created a deep green canvas with PicMonkey, added some depth with the water feature which really cheered up the basic canvas, then switched to Pixlr to use their gizmos. And ended up with a piece of digital art called: “Hope”.  I felt is showed the optimism and … More Hope

Rose Radiance

I keep returning to roses in my digital art, not sure why, except that roses are such beauitful flowers and are universally loved around the world. We have in our garden a rose bush called the Apothecary’s Rose, an ancient rose from this region, which has a huge, unusual centre and I love it, it’s … More Rose Radiance