Bottlebrush Buzz

I came across a photo I took of a bottlebrush bush when we lived at Bowraville on the mid-north coast of New South Wales.  I took this photo before we had torrential rain which weighed the bottle brush down so far that it snapped the main trunk.  I was really cheesed off, not only because I really loved that bottlebrush but because on the way down it snapped in half a small tree which I’d been admiring because it had struggled to grow and had finally taken off.  Luckily both plants came good and survived! My husband, by the way, has quite different tastes to me in art – he likes landscapes, portraits and still life, etc. So yesterday, when I was working on this image, he wandered in, peered over my shoulder and said quietly: “Ah, yes, another plant sacrificed on the altar of digital art!” But don’t worry – you should hear what I say about his hobby of model railways!

Bottlebrush Buzz
Bottlebrush Buzz

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