It always amazes me where I end up when I’m creating art.  I have something in mind but end up with something completely different. I started off with an idea of a mix of flowers to honour an elderly friend of mine who loved flowers. But I lost the page and I usually consider when this happens that I need to go in another direction.

So I created a pale green canvas then fiddled with some of PicMonkey gizmos – mainly the clouds, paint and water. Then I added a layer of a photo I took of bamboo close to our apartment block.  It’s grown quite high since we moved here and I got a nice image of it silhouetted against the sky. I added another layer from the “paint” gizmo, another layer of the bamboo print,and finally fiddled with the “paint” gizmo to create the final image.

Along the way I decided that it brought out the hidden energies of the bamboo which is why I’ve called it: Spirit of Bamboo.

Spirit of Bamboo
Spirit of Bamboo


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