Wild, Witchy Dancing

Wild, Witchy Dancing
Wild, Witchy Dancing

I was looking at an image of Whirling Dervishes and had quite a nice vision of pink and blue which I thought would be nice to work with. However, things went in a direction – I just poked around on the gizmos on PicMonkey and BeFunky until I liked what I saw, then superimposed a photo of a firework exploding. Then I added colour to the centre of the firework image with Photoshop and used Photoshop’s liquify gizmo to move colours around a bit. So here’s the final image. As you can see, it’s quite different to what I had in mind when I started out but, perhaps, reflecting the road less travelled!

9 thoughts on “Wild, Witchy Dancing

  1. Thanks, Ann. The Whirling Dervishes performed at Bellapais Monastery just outside Kyrenia and I missed them. Then found that they lost their funding and if they are performing it’ll be in Nicosia, which I avoid like the plague, it’s like a rabbit warren!


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