Something different today – I saw the shadow cast by a tall poplar tree in our communal garden on the hotel that’s beside our block of apartments and, thankfully, slight to the right of our apartment so we will have views to the Mediterranean.ย  I just liked the idea of the tree and shadow in the early morning and because the poplar is such a tall, graceful tree.

Note the lovely blue skies we’re now experiencing in North Cyprus – temperatures are up to 19C this week and I’m a short-sleeved top. This poplar is still without leaves, although the small ones beside the road running past our apartment block have just started putting out buds. The almond trees are in blossom, the hawthorn and pomegranate trees are in leaf, the roses are blooming and our bougainvilleas are coming into leaf again after they were a bit battered by a week of harsh winds in January.

Poplar & Shadow
Poplar & Shadow
Another view of Poplar & Shadow
Another view of Poplar & Shadow

11 thoughts on “2-for-1

  1. What a beautiful tree! When I was growing up, our next-door neighbors had a row of poplars just like that one – tall and skinny – and when the breeze picked up they would make the most wonderful sound. Even now, when I hear that sound, I feel that deliriously happy out-of-school-for-three-whole-months feeling (and I have this bizarre, sudden urge to take off my shoes and socks and run through a mud-puddle).


    1. The poplar looks incredibly elegant, doesn’t it? When I lived in Fremantle, Western Australia, I’d look at the poplar opposite – if the top was blowing towards the on a hot day, it meant the hot winds were still blowing from inland. But once the poplar blew inland, it meant the sea breeze, known as the Fremantle Doctor, was blowing, the temperature would drop, and it was time to open up the house! Sadly, by the time we left, urban development and global warming meant the Fremantle Doctor didn’t arrive or was very mild and didn’t bring the heat down like it used to.


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