High Noon

I decided to work with an earlier piece of digital art which I’d developed from a photo of Munjina Rock, a rather lovely rock only found in the Karijini National Park in north-west Western Australia.  I trotted off back to Photoshop to add red to an earlier photo of bare twigs, then overlaid it onto the Munjina Rock art piece.  Then I added some bokeh circle hapes on the PicMonkey gizmo, then a final spray of fireworks.  I have no idea why I’ve called it High Noon, perhaps because it reminds me of the tension in the movie as high noon approaches with the arrival of the train and the baddies, and the explosive finale when the hero wins!

High Noon
High Noon

6 thoughts on “High Noon

  1. I have to be honest, Kerry, and say that most of my work is done with PicMonkey. It’s a great site and easy to use, plus it’s more accessible than Photoshop. But investigating all the tools in Photoshop did get me going on the sort of art I create now.


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