Nectar – the Sweetness of Life

This afternoon my husband brought in a tiny bougainvillea flower and shook it over my hand. The resultant drop was nectar and it tasted SO sweet!  And it prompted me to create a digital painting with the them of Nectar – the Sweetness of Life, because sometimes there is so much bad news around it can weigh you down. So please remember – you are loved by your soul, your heart, your family, your friends and many other people because you are a unique person who, in turn, contributes to the sweetness of life of others.

I created this painting from a green canvas on PicMonkey, then added a photo I took a while back of two blue convolvus flowers with a bright yellow centre. Then I added layers from the “paint” gizmo on PicMonkey and finally finished up with another layer of the original photo of convolvus flowers. The yellow centre seemed to me to represent a mecca for nectar.


6 thoughts on “Nectar – the Sweetness of Life

  1. Thanks, Rita. I’m starting again with PicMonkey tutorials, they changed the format, would you believe. I’m going to do step-by-step stuff, and work out also how to do screen shots, never have worked it out before.


    • My husband’s hopeless at presents as such, Mary, but I’ll often walk into my study and find a vase of flowers which I just love. And it’s so good to see leaves and flowers on the bougainvilleas again, they took a real beating when that super-cold wind blew. Weird weather all over the place.


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