Avenues of Love

Now that I’ve finally sorted out all the posting to do with awards (phew, wiping sweat from brow), I was browsing through my digital art photos and came across one I hadn’t finalised. I’d been playing with a blank canvas in PicMonkey and working with various gizmos, but then drew an artistic blank so put it aside until later. And forgot about it!

So here’s a reworking of the digital art with a photo of a pink rose superimposed. I don’t know what other people are like, but I love roses, beautiful flowers, and I spend ages with the lovely Apothecary’s Rose in our garden. The centres are huge, quite extraordinary and I love the fact it’s an ancient rose, native to the Turkish region. My husband was debating whether to pull it out the other day, he’s not so keen on the huge centres, but I pinned him with one of my famous death stares, and he shrugged and said: “Okay, the rose stays, I don’t walk to find myself hanging upside down from the railings!”

I’ve called this “Avenues of Love” because the background looks slightly industrial and the painting is a reminder of the beauty of life which often can be found in the least likely places which often seem ugly but which can reveal a hidden beauty.

Avenues of Love
Avenues of Love

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