A Child’s Adventure

To be very honest, I can’t remember all the steps I’ve taken to create this digital art, A Child’s Adventure. I do know I created a clear violet canvas with PicMonkey, then added loads of layers of the water gizmo. You can put down a layer then move it around so I did this with various layers. Then I added some extras from their “paint” gizoms, and finally popped in a couple of photos I worked on a while back of fireworks exploding in front of our apartment in North Cyprus. I really do owe a vote of thanks to the Merit Hotels (there are two close to here, one on the right at Crystal Cove, and the new one that’s just opened to the left, Merit Royal) because the fireworks displays the two hotels put on provided me with heaps of photos to work on and incorporate into my digital art.

I was a bit uncertain what to call the final image, but settled on A Child’s Adventure, with a nod to the album of the same name by Marianne Faithful, because it reminded me of the fizzy, explosive feeling you get when you’re a kid and you’re just about to embark on a new adventure (particularly if mum and dad don’t know what you’re up to!).

A Child's Adventure
A Child’s Adventure

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