A Life Well Lived

I was sad to read of the death of the actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, today at the early age of 41.  His death follows that of BBC reporter and announcer, Komla Dumor, recently again at the early age of 41. It seems such an early age to quit this mortal life but I always recall … More A Life Well Lived

Light of Lily

My neighbour’s arum lily has been in flower recently and I popped over to take some photos.  I felt drawn to work with a photo of the largest one this afternoon and it turned out quite differently to what I’d intended. Somehow I managed to turn the background black, unintentional but highly satisfactory. Then I … More Light of Lily

An Ancient Sun

I was reading something yesterday which mentioned the words “ancient sun” and for some reason that phrase rang a bell for me and I was drawn to create an image of an ancient sun. A while back I was fiddling with a new plug-in, it’s free but diabolical to use, and got an image of … More An Ancient Sun