Loving Kindness

Unusually for me I’ve been feeling rather down today as I’m having a lot of pain with a trapped sciatic nerve which woke me on and off during the night. I’ve had one good night’s sleep in the past few weeks so  last night’s sleeplessness has left me very tired and, although I slept for a couple of hours during the day, I still feel under the weather.

So I decided to cheer myself up by creating some art about emotions and so on. I started with a blank, deep purple canvas on PicMonkey, then added layer upon layer of images from the “water” gizmo which represents my emotional downer at present. Then I overlaid an image of autumn undergrowth which came up on nice contract and created a lovely colourful image. On top of that I added a few layers from the “paint” gizmo (I mostly use the two options on the right), and finally added a few more layers from the “Water” gizmo. Finally I added a photo I took of a red rose when we were passing a garden in Ozankoy, which is a suburb on the eastern side of Kyrenia, and faded the image which is why it looks pink. (We live in Alsancak towards the western side of the ancient port.)

I decided the final image was telling me to send some loving kindness to myself, so I’m now off to do a treasure map of steps to getting healthy and staying positive. Wish me luck!

Loving Kindness
Loving Kindness

14 thoughts on “Loving Kindness

  1. Sorry to hear you are in pain. I control my sciatica with yoga. Here’s an easy stretch for you to try. While standing cross one leg over the other so your pinky toes are touching. Front leg is bent. Back leg is straight. Gently stretch forward and down and just hang. You will feel the stretch in the back leg. Do not force the stretch. Do both sides to keep yourself even. Let me know if it helps. I would suggest you seek out a yoga instructor for more stretches that are hard to explain in print!
    Lovely photo of the rose. Beautiful colors!


  2. Thanks for the good wishes and the yoga tip. I’ve tried it, wobbled like the clappers but felt triumphant when I stood upright still in one piece! I’m going to start doing Chi Gung here at home again as my husband has enclosed my verandah outside my study and it makes it a nice, private, cosy little area now. I managed a decent night’s sleep last night but I’ve also drawn up a treasure map of steps to take in supporting my health and dealing with the FM and sciatic nerve pain. Fingers crossed, folks. Irene – I’m struggling with sorting out how to insert the awards onto my blog, I’m having another go this afternoon. And yes, I am going to work on some tutorials, I did do the one video but I’m going to work out how to take screen shots as I work through the process.


    1. Glad you liked the photo and thanks for the good wishes, Violet, I have simply decided to go with the flow and do what I can. No point railing and getting uptight. Creating art is good for my soul and helps me keep relaxed.


    1. Thanks, Cynthia, I seem to get one good night, then a disturbed one. But I’m off to get a massage this afternoon, the last one was terrific but I had to put off another session as a dental visit intervened!


  3. I am so sorry to hear of your pain. You visited and like some posts on my blog, so I have dropped by to see you. I LOVE that image and hope it helped to release something in you by using the creative process. I hope the pain is better now?- Karen.


    1. Thanks, Karen, I’m always amazed with what turns up in the process of creating art. I have been getting therapeutic massage and the sciatic pain is gradually getting better – thank goodness!


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