Listening Within

I’m quite intrigued by this piece of digital art as it’s quite different to what I set out to create. I started off with a photo I took at the historical site of Lambousa, right by the sea, where there are ancient open tombs, rock tombs and Roman fish ponds. As we were leaving a … More Listening Within


While I was stuffing around demonstrating PIcMonkey on the video I’ve just posted, I created a really nice backdrop which I built into this digital art: Love

Video guide to PicMonkey

I’ve done something completely different – a video about using PicMonkey. I don’t have any way of using a camcorder, just using a webcam, so I hope this all makes sense to you. This first one looks at working with a blank canvas. Hope you enjoy it:


Last night I read that the BBC reporter, Komla Dumor, had died. Now I imagine that many of you wouldn’t know this man but we saw him regularly on BBC Worldwide which we watch here in North Cyprus. He was a reporter, news announcer and anchor for the programme, Focus on Africa. Mr Dumor was … More Life

Space Ranger

I had fun playing with PicMonkey this afternoon.  I started off with some digital art I’d created from a firework exploding then simply fiddled around with the various PM gizmos until I got this final image which reminds me of someone on a rocket roaring around the universe dispensing justice where needed, hence the name: … More Space Ranger

Full Moon Dreaming

This piece of digital art is really quite simple.  I felt the need for something fiery and in PicMonkey you can open up a blank canvas and add whatever colour you want. So I created a red-orange background then added a texture of bare twigs which looked quite good  but I felt I could add … More Full Moon Dreaming