The Soul’s Light

I’ve been having great fun this afternoon working on an original photo I took of a firework exploding in front of our apartment in Alsancak, north coast of North Cyprus. I fiddled with PicMonkey gizmos to add colour and definition to the original photo then saved that image. And here’s the interesting part – I’ve just invested in a really nifty little plug-in by Redfield Labs called Fractilius which produces amazing images so, once I’d got an image I liked, I saved it. Then I returned to the PicMonkey photo I’d saved earlier and added layers of the image saved from the Fractilius plug-in.  The final image is below, and the photo of the firework below that.

Soul Light
Soul Light

5 thoughts on “The Soul’s Light

      1. Awh, thanks my dear! Yes, it is a romantic city, but you are correct; the frost zone we’ve had here is putting a damper on our any claim Chicago might have to a romantic retreat, to be sure! *LOL* Ah, but Spring must be around some corner!! Cher xo


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