Hawthorn & Spring

Spring is in the air here in North Cyprus. New leaves are shading the empty branches of the hawthorn and pomegranate trees with green, the meadows are green, wildflowers are springing up and fruit trees are in blossom. It’s been an amazingly mild winter so far, just one week of bitingly cold winds and weather from the north, but this morning it was like a balmy spring morning at 18C with brilliant sunshine and a warm breeze. Admittedly we’ve yet to get through February which can be very wintery at times, but the burst of spring-like weather really lifts your spirits.

So to honour this spring energy, I’ve created a piece of digital art from a photo I took of a hawthorn tree silhouetted against a blue sky with the Besparmak Mountains in the background, then I’ve worked on it with layers of PicMonkey’s “paint” gizmo, then superimposed another photo of a hawthorn tree.

Hawthorn & Spring
Hawthorn & Spring

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