I read an interesting post on the blog: http://dreamrly.com about patience when working with dreams and how simply working with emotions can help one understand and connect with the messages from our inner wisdom.  Very timely for me as I had a dream just before I woke up about talking in public, not relying on written notes, feeling confident and feeling in touch emotionally. So I decided to incorporate these into my digital art and today’s image is the result.

I have layered loads of images of water from the “water” gizmo on PicMonkey, then added in layers from the “paint” gizmo. Over that image I overlaid a photo of a stone I collected from a nearby beach here in North Cyprus which has rune markings on it.  It connects me with ancient rock art and ancient wisdom. I then added two layers of a rainbow I photographed yesterday which was sending out rays of light, then added an image of a Celestite teacher’s wand, one of the first crystals I ordered on eBay when I was living in the UK in 2003.  I remember being inordinately pleased with myself that I’d managed to work out how to win auctions and also that I’d worked my way through PayPal too. In those days I was a real newbie with the internet and its workings but I picked up a lot through participating in eBay auctions and paying for the crystals I won. So here’s the result of the digital art: Dreaming


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