Listening Within

I’m quite intrigued by this piece of digital art as it’s quite different to what I set out to create. I started off with a photo I took at the historical site of Lambousa, right by the sea, where there are ancient open tombs, rock tombs and Roman fish ponds. As we were leaving a got a photo of grass with the Mediterranean behind and this is the base image for this photo.  I added over an earlier image I’d created of an olive tree and then worked on various gizmos until I had a nice image in magenta and pink.  It didn’t seem quite right, but when I added an overlay of water and suddenly got the image below, it felt “right”.  It reminds me of having quiet times, tuning in to our inner voice and listening to the intuitive prompts we get which all too often we ignore yet which so often shines a light on the right path or action for us.


Listening Within
Listening Within

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