Lambousa – Ancient Roman Port in North Cyprus

Since I mentioned Lambousa in my last post, I thought I’d share some photos of this fascinating piece of history.

Lambousa was an ancient port with around 10,000 inhabitants and was renowned for the wealth of its inhabitants. Unfortunately it used to get raided a lot and eventually its people moved inland to the foothills of the Besparmak Mountain range, which runs parallel to the coast of North Cyprus, and established the village of Lapta which still thrives today.

We live about five minutes away from  Lambousa but as it’s tucked away on the coast, we only recently became aware of its existence.  We turned off the main road to Lapta and drove down a side road towards the Mediterranean, turning off just before Mare Monte, a former hotel, to head down a dirt track to the coast. There we came across open rock tombs in the earth and further on rock tombs with various numbers of individual tombs dug into the ground within the openings to the tomb space.  We also came across a still-existing Roman fish pond where the sea breaks over the edge and stale water drains away at the side, so that fish catches could be kept fresh.

I think what I liked about this site was the very peaceful feeling, and a sense of tranquillity when you walk into the quiet area where most of the rock tombs are situated. I find it fascinating to see history right in front of my eyes, and to be walking where centuries ago people lived, earned a living, went fishing and managed to amass quite a bit of wealth.

Here are my photos:

Lambousa - Interior, rock tomb
Lambousa – Interior, rock tomb, with small tomb for child at top left.
Lambousa - Interior, rock tomb 4
Lambousa – Interior, rock tomb
Lambousa - Roman Fish Pool 1
Roman Fish Pool
Lambousa - Roman Fish Pool - Copy - Copy
Roman Fish Pool
Lambousa - Rock Tomb 8
Entrance, Rock tomb
Lambousa - Interior, rock tomb
Interior, rock tomb
Lambousa - Open tomb 1
Open tomb
Lambousa - Open tomb 3
Open tomb
Lambousa - Rock  Tomb 4
Entrances to rock tombs
Lambousa - Rock Tomb 1
Rock Tomb Entrance
Lambousa - Open tomb 2
Open tomb
Lambousa - Rock Tomb 7 - Copy - Copy
Entrance to Rock Tomb
Lambousa - Rock Tomb 3
Entrance to Rock Tomb, at the end of the long open area, on three sides, where the rock tombs are located.
Lambousa - Rock Tomb 2
Another Rock Tomb Entrance

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