Last night I read that the BBC reporter, Komla Dumor, had died. Now I imagine that many of you wouldn’t know this man but we saw him regularly on BBC Worldwide which we watch here in North Cyprus. He was a reporter, news announcer and anchor for the programme, Focus on Africa. Mr Dumor was a leading Ghanaian reporter, much respected and a role model for many Ghanaian youth.

If you’re wondering why I’m mentioning this, it’s because he was only 41.  The day before he was making plans for interviews yet he got up yesterday morning with no idea he would be dead by day’s end. It struck me that at 66, I’m damned lucky to have made it so far – I’ve come close to death on two occasions, one with peritonitis and the other when I fell asleep at the wheel driving across the Nullarbor Plain in Australia and nearly ended up under the wheels of an oncoming truck. Luckily I woke and swerved at the last moment.

We know we’re going to die but we don’t know when.  Each moment of our life is precious. Live it to the full. Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today. Don’t spend your life in an unhappy job telling yourself you’ll do all sorts of things when you retire because you have no idea if you’ll reach retirement age or what your health will be like by that time.  Seize your life with passion and live it to the full.  If you have a dream, work out how to live that dream, even if you have to take risks and face a lot of fear.

Above all, LIVE your life fully alive on your feet, don’t settle for second best, living unhappily on your knees. We human beings have enormous potential.  Mr Dumor lived up to his potential before he died so unexpectedly.  What’s your potential and how are you going to live it?

It’s why I’ve created this digital image and called it: LIFE!  If you look carefully, you can see a spirit figure in the light – let it be YOU!


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