Full Moon Dreaming

This piece of digital art is really quite simple.  I felt the need for something fiery and in PicMonkey you can open up a blank canvas and add whatever colour you want. So I created a red-orange background then added a texture of bare twigs which looked quite good  but I felt I could add something extra. Then I came across a photo I took of the full moon at 6am on 16th January – I got up to make a cup of coffee as my hip was painful and saw a blood red moon on the eastern horizon, grabbed my camera and took a photo.  So this photo was added as a texture over the canvas I’d already created and I decided that this was quite enough. So, Full Moon Dreaming:

Full Moon Dreaming
Full Moon Dreaming

6 thoughts on “Full Moon Dreaming

    1. Hi, Amy, Thanks for your comment, it’s 18C here today, nice and sunny, but I’ve just put on a thick sweater as the nights get nippy with the clear skies. Can’t live in cold weather any more after so many years in hot climates. Mo xx


    1. I’ll do a post tomorrow explaining how PicMonkey works, it’s quite simple and the thing I like is that you can play with different effects and see them straight away. I hardly ever use Photoshop or Corel now because PIcMonkey is much less clunky.


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