The Fool – New Beginnings

I’ve been reasessing my writing and art work and decided to leave the writing of my book as blog for a while. I felt I was getting mechanical and wanted to give myself time to approach my blog with a more fresh outlook.

At the same time I wanted to focus on my art work and set up my on-line presence in a more formal format. So I’ve established another website:

which will be for photos only of my art and photography.  I want to continue with this blog as an outlet for digital art but with additional commentary to explain where I started and the steps I took to the final image.

To demonstrate my commitment to my work as an artist and photographer, I’ve also decided to commit to an art exhibition later this year and, of course, by stating this publicly, the only way is forward!

Here’s my path forward:

  • Set up formal website for art and photos – done
  • Formalise art set-ups on web – 2 weeks
  • Set a date for art exhibition – 1 month
  • Set a date for crystal workshop, including publicity about art exhibition
  • Hold art exhibition – approximately 6-8 months’ time

Nothing like jumping in the deep end, eh?

So here’s my art piece for today, grasses and sea overlaid on a green background; lots of fiddling with PicMonkey gizmos to add in water and other bits of arty-farty colour and a final overlay of a photo of my Picasso PIcture Jasper expanded to show only the centre. And since I’m talking about new beginnings and more focused action in my art work, I’ve called it: The Fool, the 0 card in the Major Arcana.

The Fool
The Fool



10 thoughts on “The Fool – New Beginnings

    1. Thanks very much. I thought with this blog I’d start taking snapshots of the various stages so that people can see how the final image was created. I like teaching, so I guess this will be more of a teaching blog, while the other website will be solely devoted to images of art and photography.


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