Clouds & Thistles

In this digital art, I’ve done something I’ve been meaning to do for ages – layer about five photos of clouds taken in the late afternoon over one another, with another layer of grass, and a final layer of milk thistles.  I really like the final version, it’s sort of positive and bright, and it’s called: Clouds & Thistles.

Clouds & Thistles
Clouds & Thistles

5 thoughts on “Clouds & Thistles

  1. this is a picture I come back to again, and again. It’s really cool, because it’s like you made fireworks from earthworks, and I can see both at the same time. I have someone in my life who loves fireworks… then asked me if i could do something like that and I said… … these are the gifts manifested by the artist. Your art is like grade school–so full of color and magic. Thank you for having this blog. I learn a lot… but I enjoy a lot more. Meredith


  2. Thanks for your comment, Meredith. It’s funny you should mention so much colour because when I was suffering depression, after my mother’s death, all I wore was black. And then I bought an amazingly colourful summer dress, felt quite different, people actually approached me to say how much they liked the colours, and I’ve never, ever looked back to black again!


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