I went for a walk today and noticed that the first leaves are bursting out on the hawthorn trees, while wild fennel leaves are pushing up out of the ground. As well other leaves have appeared of native flowers which blossom in summer. It’s a renewal of life and a sign of spring further down the track. Last winter was really mild and we had fruit trees coming into blossom in February. I visited the UK to see my old mates from my university days last April and was really surprised to see the fruit trees just coming into blossom, a lot later than here in North Cyprus.

So this photo is a mix of the early leaves on the hawthorn together with a photo of the new fennel and native flower leaves, and I called it: Renewal of Life. I’ve posted early as I’m going to have a couple of days’ rest to get a bit of renewal after a rather debilitating bout of trapped sciatic nerve pain.  After quite a few sleepless nights due to the pain, I just feel the need for some rest and recuperation. Back mid-week.

Renewal of Life
Renewal of Life

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