Colours of Winter

I remember once in winter, when I was a kid and walking along the West Cliff promenade in Ramsgate, Kent, England,  I suddenly hated the season with its empty-leaved trees, its cold and its bleak outlook. It was a very intense feeling, so strong I’ve never forgotten it. Yet here in North Cyprus, many decades later, I’ve been making my peace with winter during my daily walks.

There’s a grace and simplicity in trees with just the bare branches showing. There’s a wealth of richness in the undergrowth when you look closely – twigs, dried leaves, bits of rock – all quite complex when you choose to open your eyes and marvel at the subtlety which nature offers in the different seasons.

So here are two offerings today. I started a digital art painting which I eventually discarded, it didn’t feel right. But one aspect of it I liked and I called it “The Witching Hour”. The replacement I worked on is quite simple – bare branches superimposed over a flaring light on a green canvas, then superimposed with a photo of winter undergrowth, entitled Colours of Winter.

Colours of Winter
Colours of Winter
The Witching Hour
The Witching Hour

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