Headaches & Healing

Early Saturday morning I woke with a lousy migraine, the worst one I’ve had since moving to North Cyprus.  In fact, I’ve had a few mild headaches but nothing like the brass-band-marching-around-your-head kind I had on Saturday.  Luckily it didn’t rank with some of the doozies I used to get in my younger days when I’d be vomiting too, no upchucking this time, thank goodness.  But it was enough to stop me sleeping until the pain abated somewhat so I didn’t wake until 11.15.  I should have realised what was happening as I’d been feeling pretty woozy on Friday, a sure sign a headache is on the way, but it’s been so long since I got ambushed by one of these migraines, I simply didn’t realise what was happening.

It did make me reassess what has been going on in my life as these migraines are a sign I’m under pressure. So I realised I was the one putting pressure on myself in relation to work on and publishing of my blogs. Lighten up, Mo!  I don’t do well with pressure, I sort of grind to a halt and freeze up. So I’ve re-arranged my days – I shall be posting my book blog twice a week and my art blog will be every other day unless I’m struck with inspiration on an in-between day.  I also need to spend less time on the computer and pay more attention to my own health – fitness, movement, activity – so I’ve installed a dinky little, bright yellow clock on my work desk and intend to do some sort of movement on the hour, every hour.

However, I still felt like creating some art yesterday when I was feeling slightly better, so I created two pieces – one which represents how I feel when I’m sick with a headache and one to represent the healing process.  This, of course, is paying homage to the old saying: “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”!



Migraine 1


2 thoughts on “Headaches & Healing

  1. Brrrsh… can feel the pain radiating through the page. So, pink lemonade seems quite right for optimism. Hope you feel better.


    1. Thanks, Meredith. The headaches usually last only one day, thank goodness, but it was a wake-up call to sort my days out better and not to put so much pressure on myself. Childhood habits are very hard to break!


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