Sheep, Mountains

Today I decided to create something quite different, a bit of a light-hearted look at life in North Cyprus.

I was working in my study when my husband came in and pointed out the flock of sheep grazing in the paddock next to our apartment.  It’s a sight you see often in rural North Cyprus – sheep or goats grazing beside homes and apartment blocks, or beside the road, accompanied by a shepherd with or without a dog. The shepherd today had no dog but was keeping a careful eye on his flock – adult sheep and, to my delight, little lambs hopping, skipping, playing and waggling their tails like mad.

So I’ve combined a photo of a view of the Besparmak Mountains I have when I go for a walk, with a photo of the flock of sheep.  Just for fun.

Mountains & Sheep

Sheep 1 Besparmak Mtns

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