Pomegranate: Life, Passion, Rebirth, Abundance

I walk daily around our apartment block and spend some time tuning in to nature as there’s a lemon orchard beside our parkiing area with odds and sods like pomegranate and hawthorn trees which create an interesting panorama.  Yesterday I noticed that, with the foliage of the trees dropping, you could see the last of the pomegranates hanging in the bare branches just begging to be photographed, silhouetted as they were against the blue skies we had yesterday.

I can remember as a kid that occasionally we’d get pomegranates from the small grocer around the corner and they were a very exotic treat. So when I came to North Cyprus, I was delighted to see pomegranate trees everywhere, it seemed as if I’d come home to the exotic images of my childhood which so enchanted me then.

As well, pomegranates  are symbolic of life, with their rich, ruby-coloured seeds, and a return to life from death, as Persophene eats some pomegranate seeds on her return from the Underworld, which means she needs to return there to spend time with Hades, god of the Underworld, each year. It’s really symbolic of the times we descend into our own underworld when we encounter life’s challenges and then, when the wheel of fortune turns and things return to more normal circumstances, we emerge blinking into the light of day again, altered and possibly transformed by our journey to the darker parts of our lives.

Pomegranates are also symbolic of abundance and prosperity with their ruby red seeds redolent of passion, fire and life.

So here’s a piece of digital art I created with a photo of the three last pomegranates hanging on the tree, tweaked a bit with some imagery of the night sky, and then superimposed with a photo of mimosa leaves against the sky. I finished with a light image of woven cloth which for me demonstrates the interwoven nature of death, rebirth, earth energies, human energies, plants, sentient beings, spirit beings, the whole kit and caboodle woven into a wonderful, inter-dependent tapestry.

Pomegranate Passion

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