Soul Purpose

I am a member of Direct Challenge, which provides daily healthy activities covering a range of subjects.  Some deal with exercise, some with food, some with motivation, and so on. Today the challenge was to find a photo of where I hoped to be in six months’ time.

I’ll be honest, I have no idea where I’ll be in six months’ time. I’ve found that the Universe has a great facility for dishing up surprises as I’ve realised in recent months. All the photos I’ve taken of scenery in Australia and North Cyprus have led me to creating surreal art showcasing nature and its spiritual messages.

So the best I decided I could do was create my own image in general terms.  I created a lot of swirly images when I first jumped into digital art and found a nifty little gizmo on Photoshop called “liquify” where you can drag your mouse over photos and swirl colours into completely new patterns. So today I worked with an image I’d created from astronomite, a stone found in the Karijini National Park in North-West Western Australia.

Then I superimposed a slightly-out-of focus photograph of a blue flower in our garden, name unknown, and finally added a layer of an earlier piece of digital art working with a white-pink hibiscus in our front garden. This is the result, Soul Purpose:




Exif_JPEG_422 Blue Flower

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