The Soul’s Light

I’ve been having great fun this afternoon working on an original photo I took of a firework exploding in front of our apartment in Alsancak, north coast of North Cyprus. I fiddled with PicMonkey gizmos to add colour and definition to the original photo then saved that image. And here’s the interesting part – I’ve … More The Soul’s Light


I read an interesting post on the blog: about patience when working with dreams and how simply working with emotions can help one understand and connect with the messages from our inner wisdom.  Very timely for me as I had a dream just before I woke up about talking in public, not relying on … More Dreaming

Hawthorn & Spring

Spring is in the air here in North Cyprus. New leaves are shading the empty branches of the hawthorn and pomegranate trees with green, the meadows are green, wildflowers are springing up and fruit trees are in blossom. It’s been an amazingly mild winter so far, just one week of bitingly cold winds and weather … More Hawthorn & Spring

Courage to Transform

Courage to Transform: digital art based on an earlier, incomplete piece of art I created with the addition of a cobra – snake being the symbol of transformation, and transformation takes courage.

Spirit of Lavender

I came across a rather lovely lavender bush yesterday, and this photo is composed of various layers of the photograph I took of the bush, plus some playing around with PicMonkey gizmos.  I called this digital art “Spirit of Lavender” because it invokes the devic energies which surround this beautiful, healing plant.

Lambousa – Ancient Roman Port in North Cyprus

Since I mentioned Lambousa in my last post, I thought I’d share some photos of this fascinating piece of history. Lambousa was an ancient port with around 10,000 inhabitants and was renowned for the wealth of its inhabitants. Unfortunately it used to get raided a lot and eventually its people moved inland to the foothills … More Lambousa – Ancient Roman Port in North Cyprus