Juicy Love, Juicy 2014!

Today I decided to work with images of roses I’ve photographed here in North Cyprus: two of the Apothecary’s Rose in our garden which I think is the bees’ knees – including one showing the huge centre when the rose is in full blossom – and a pink and a red rose which are in the garden of a neighbouring apartment.  I earlier had managed to create a photo of the sun’s rays with one of the plug-ins I’ve installed for Photoshop. I used this as a base, then overlaid a photo I took of the last of the pomegranates this season – a couple lying on undergrowth in the neighbouring orchard. I then added the photos of the roses and finally a photo of one pomegranate.

The result is juicy love. And as this is my final image for 2014, I wish all those of you who have been kind enough to visit, read and/or comment on my blog a juicy 2014, flowing with love, laughter, a light heart and a joyful year as you dance through the days and live a life of wonder, adventures and, of course, heaps of glitter and bling!

Love & Pomegranates
Juicy Love

Apothecary's Rose - centre - Copy Sun rays Apothecary's Rose - bud - Copy

Last of the Pomegranates
Last of the Pomegranates

Pink Rose 1 Red Rose

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