Ballina Beach Boogies

I thought I’d stick to something simple today as I came across a photo of Ballina Beach in northern New South Wales and realised I’d forgotten how lovely the clouds look.

I touched up the original photo with PicMonkey and, I’ve got to say, I’ve found their quick fix tools for light and clarity sometimes better than Photoshop. But rather than fiddle with overlays and so on, I thought I’d stick with the photo and show how you can change a basic image with some of the tools on PicMonkey.

I’m thinking of getting a course going on using PIcMonkey if anyone’s interested – just to show how to use the website to digitally alter photos and also indulge in a bit of surreal work if that’s up your alley.

Ballina Beach Boogies
Ballina Beach Boogies
Beach at Ballina
Beach at Ballina

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