Water, Nature, Emotional Healing

I was fishing through my photos yesterday and came across one I’d completely forgotten about – water flowing down the rocks either side of the road through the mountains to Dorrigo. We had arrived on the mid-north coast of New South Wales,were staying in a pet motel with our pooch Rosie and went to check out Dorrigo because we were house-hunting.

We rather unfortunately chose to visit Dorrigo when it was pouring with rain, a veritable deluge, and on the way back we stopped to get a photo of the waterfall pouring down the road, under the bridge and down the other side.  And Dorrigo? Well, we drove into the town, hated the feel of the place, drove around the roundabout and set off home. When we got down onto the Pacific Highway, we found the rain had been so torrential the road was starting to flood so we ended up creeping home through the floodwaters, still without a home in sight!

This digital art reminds me of the power of water in ensuring a balance in nature, and an emotional balance in ourselves. It has an overlay of leaves from an earlier photo I worked on of maroon leaves on a very sturdy plant in our garden.

Looking up at waterfall in Dorrigo National Park

Blue Leaves
Blue Leaves
Waterfall, Dorrigo National Park
Waterfall, Dorrigo National Park

4 thoughts on “Water, Nature, Emotional Healing

    1. Thanks. I have no idea how I managed to take a photo of the waterfall with so much blue in it, it was quite wonderful watching the water tumble down the mountain, disappear under the road, then carry on down the other side. When you drive up and it’s dry, it’s hard to imagine so much water falling down the mountain.


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